Long-term tutorials for B.Sc. first semester & M.Sc. first semester students


The long-term tutorials are a support service for all first-semester students from the Bachelor's program, but also for those from the Master's program (especially those who are new to RWTH). The main focus here is on making contact with others in small groups of 10-15 people, but questions relevant to your studies can also be addressed to the permanent contact persons at any time.

The project officially ends with the end of the exam period. However, experiences from the past years show that individual groups still meet sporadically or that comprehensive groups have formed.

What can you expect?

The first semester students of the Bachelor-Langzeittutorien meet once a week (face-to-face or digitally), e.g. to clarify questions about the study, to create an overview of the exams or to explore Aachen and the surrounding area together or to support each other with the registration for sports courses. The focus is not on the frontal transfer of knowledge but on the group, social aspects and the possibility to find connections even after the Ersti-Week.

Want to be a part of it?

Participation is still possible. Please contact the Student Council for Civil Engineering.


Contact Persons