Become a teacher at vocational colleges with an engineering degree

  Teaching person with a book in their hand. Copyright: © iStock

Are you interested in technology and do you enjoy teaching others? Or do you want career planning security and a job that is easy to combine with a family? Then teaching at vocational colleges is an option worth considering.

Teaching at vocational colleges offers a broad and varied field of work. Modern laboratories and workshops, as well as cooperation with companies and businesses, make it possible to teach in a practical way that is relevant to the world of work.

Experts in technical knowledge, teaching, education, and training will continue to be urgently needed in the coming years. The chances for teachers at vocational colleges in the industrial-technical field to be hired into the public school service are still excellent.

You can find a lot more information as well as paths into the teaching profession at vocational colleges in the following info flyer for teacher training.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen University also offers teaching positions at vocational colleges as Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. If you have any further questions, please contact .