Appointment of Dr.-Ing. Johanna Waimann as Junior Professor

  Dr. Johanna Waimann Copyright: © Dr. Johanna Waimann

Dr.-Ing. Johanna Waimann, temporary academic councilor at the Institute for Applied Mechanics (ifam) at RWTH Aachen University since 2019, has been appointed junior professor.

Dr. Waimann's academic career began in 2008 at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where she completed her master's degree with a specialization in "Structural Engineering - Computational Mechanics" in 2013, following her bachelor's degree in civil engineering. According to her own statement, she found her enthusiasm for mechanics and scientific work primarily through her work as a student assistant at the Institute of Mechanics Material Theory and a research internship at Princeton.

While she was still at UC Berkeley for a research stay at the time of her Ph.D. ("Variational modeling of irreversible effects in polycrystalline shape memory regulations"), Dr. Waimann has been working as a senior engineer at ifam in Aachen since 2019. There, she works with a small group of researchers on, among other things, method development for imaging electrochemical processes. The research focus is furthermore on topics such as phase transformation in polycrystalline materials, such as shape memory alloys and steel, coupling of phase transformations and irreversible effects, transformation-induced plasticity, or for instance multiscale modeling using fast Fourier transforms and finite element technologies.

In addition to her research activities, she also lectures in the field of mechanics, supervises student theses, student assistants, and doctoral students, and is a member of the Collaborative Research Center TRR 136 "Function-Oriented Manufacturing Based on Characteristic Process Signatures" as a cooperation between the University of Bremen and RWTH Aachen University, in which she heads the working group "Continuum Mechanical Material Modeling".

"I have already had the opportunity to get to know RWTH as an excellent university with inspiring cooperation opportunities, open-minded students, nice colleagues, and numerous funding opportunities for young scientists, and I am now looking forward to new challenges and to being able to deepen my research even further within the framework of the junior professorship," says Dr. Waimann herself.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering warmly congratulates Dr. Waimann on her appointment as Junior Professor.