Graduate Nils Rittich, M.Sc. wins research prize DOSS Award


Nils Rittich is the recipient of the DOSS Award research prize presented in April.

  Nils Rittich Copyright: © STB

In April 2022, the annual DOSS Award (Dutch Open Student Steel Award) research prize was again awarded. The jury consisted of professors from various steel construction chairs and participating companies from the industry.

The DOSS Award is an international prize for which "graduation projects" (usually master's theses) can be submitted that deal with the subject of steel construction. This year, 23 master's theses from 12 different countries were submitted. From the submissions, six master's theses were selected for presentation in a web meeting. The evaluation criteria for selection included: Objective of the research question, creativity and ingenuity, completeness of the research, and relevance of the application. In the web meeting itself, the candidates were then given 10 minutes of presentation time, followed by an additional five minutes for questioning.

The total prize money of €3,750 was divided between the winners Stefan Megnet (ETH Zurich) and Nils Rittich (RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Steel and Light Metal Construction and Institute of Steel Construction), who both shared 1st place.

  Image from the work of Nils Rittich Copyright: © Nils Rittich

Further information about the award can be found on the DOSS Awards website.