Ukraine War - Support possibilities and contact persons at the University

  Cohesion through helping hands

Due to the current situation, the AStA of RWTH Aachen University would like to draw attention to the following points, which might be of particular interest to Ukrainian and Russian students:

Psychological Counseling:

Advising international students and researchers:

Financial Assistance:

  • AStA has the ability to offer financial assistance in the form of interest-free social loans. Work is being done with the university to offer assistance in the form of unconditional cash benefits. Students who are experiencing financial burdens due to the current situation should please be referred to the AStA The offer is only available to students. Contact person is (Tel.: 0241 80-93792)

Refugee Assistance:

Other offers of help:

- The Studierendenwerk helps:

  • Immediate measures in the area of housing and gastronomy
  • Examination of dormitories for the possible admission of refugees
  • Solutions for family members of Ukrainian dormitory residents are being sought
  • Participation in the "Freitisch" program for Ukrainian students.
  • Contact persons for the students are the members oft AStA of the respective universities.

- - Overview of existing DAAD assistance services


- RWTH and University Hospital fundraising campaign:

  • Targeted support for medical staff in local hospitals
  • Medicines and dressing materials are donated
  • Donation account: Commerzbank Aachen

Account holder: RWTH Aachen

IBAN: DE52 3904 0013 0122 6059 00

BIC: COBADEFFXXX Purpose: Donation Ukraine

  • : Anne-Katja Bader (Tel.: 0241 80-99228 ) and Luisa Piras (Tel.: 0241 80-99229)

- KHG collection of donations