Internationalization and Research Orientation of Teaching


The Faculty of Civil Engineering's five proposals were granted in the university-wide competition to establish English-language courses of study and specializations and research modules.


The competition awarded proposals with consideration for the Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy, in order to promote internationalization and research-oriented teaching at RWTH Aachen.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering submitted proposals for a course of study, three specializations, and a research module. All were approved:

Course of Study

The interdisciplinary, four-semester Master's course of study Sustainable Management – Water und Energy (M.Sc.) will be funded with 120,000 euros from the State's funds for Master's programs. It interlaces the topics of water and energy against the backdrop of sustainability and allows students to comprehensively understand global challenges and develop sustainable solutions. The curriculum is offered completely in English and reserves a semester for mobility abroad. The course of study will be offered starting winter semester 2017/18.

Specializations and Research Module

The English-language specialization Railway System Engineer in the Master's course of study Transport and Mobility will also be offered beginning winter semester 2017/18 and will be funded with 60,000 euros. This specialization combines knowledge from the areas of engines, automotive engineering, infrastructure planning, and rail operations. The interdisciplinary orientation ensures a unified look at railway systems. The specialization corresponds to the growing international demand for railway system engineers.

The specialization Advanced Computational Methods in Civil Engineering in the civil engineering Master's course of study will likewise be funded with 60,000 euros. This specialization, which has a strong scientific orientation, focuses on numerous methods and their investigation and implementation in problems relevant to construction.

Graduates are thus prepared for a scientific career in research and industry. In order to optimally supplement the specialization, the research module Numerical Methods in Structural Analysis and Dynamics will be funded with 30,000 euros.

In order to be able to offer Master's students in civil engineering a grounded education in the digitalization of construction, teaching content in the specialization Digital Methods for Information Modeling and Simulation in Civil Engineering encompasses both applied and methodological aspects of digital methods. This focus is also to be funded with 60,000 euros.

By offering the course of study and specializations the Faculty of Civil Engineering creates offers for international students and provides non-international students with an education in an international environment.