Join.FB3 - Name competition for Faculty Festival 2020 has been decided


In March 2019, the Faculty of Civil Engineering invited all its students and staff to take part in a naming competition for a faculty festival in 2020.

  Award by Prof. Oeser to student Wothge Copyright: Nancy Olm

Within one week, 56 suggestions were received. The decision was made by a team of 8 people who have been working intensively on the planning of the event project since the beginning of the year.

The proposal by Mr. Merten Wothge, student of the Master's programme in Traffic Engineering and Mobility, was honoured with the title: "Expo Civil Engineering - Build your environment and infrastructure". Professor Markus Oeser, Dean of the Faculty, said at the presentation of the award on 24.06.2019: "Mr. Wothge's proposal provides us with important impulses for the content of the planned festivities. Merten Wothge is delighted to receive two vouchers for the Carolus Thermen Aachen.