Innovation Award to Mr. Dr.-Ing. O. Altay

  Presentation of the Innovation Award 2019 Copyright: © LBB

During the event “RWTHtransparent 2019” granted RWTH Aachen University the 2. prize of the “Innovation Award” to Dr.-Ing. O. Altay (Chief Engineer, Lehrstuhl für Baustatik und Baudynamik, LBB) for the innovation „Omnidirectional Liquid Damper“. The damper system can reduce structural vibrations, which can be induced by e.g. wind and earthquake, omnidirectionally, i.e. in every possible horizontal direction. Furthermore, it can automatically adapt its parameter to the current conditions and reaches in this way a higher efficiency compared to so far developed solutions. The practical applicability of the damper system is currently being validated on a real structure under the framework of a BMBF-funded research project “Semi-active Tuned Liquid Column Damper for Civil Engineering Structures” (FKZ 03VP04680).