We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQs.

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Deadlines and dates

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Here you can find the semester dates of RTWH as well as application deadlines for our degree programs, study abroad programs, or scholarships.

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Transition to University

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University at last! The world of college is a new terrain in which you have to rethink and settle in.

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Current Information For Students

Here you will receive up-to-date information according to your course of study and the degree you are pursuing.

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Tipps and Updates

Here you will find application documents for the examination boards, the internship office, or the academic advisors.

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Guideline of Academic Student Thesis

The guidelines provide information and requirements for the completion of student research projects at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

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Studentships & Promotions

There are numerous opportunities for financial aid during your studies.

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