Airport & Aeronautics


With a focus on aircrafts as a method of transportation and the related infrastructure the specialization airport and aeronautics, aims to deepen students’ knowledge concerning aeronautical and airport engineering. Both the land and airside of the transport infrastructure are key-topics in this specialization with the interface between aircrafts and this infrastructure playing a major role.

In order to enable a comprehensive understanding of the systems involved in airports and aeronautics and thus provide the best possible education, we have an interdisciplinary approach to this specialization. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provides technical content for example, related to aeronautics overseen by the Chair and Institute of Aerospace Systems (ILR). Furthermore, the Faculty of Civil Engineering manages content such as that related to the infrastructure and processes revolving around air and land based airport processes with the help of many institutes including the Chair of Air Transport and Airport Research and Institute of Transport Science of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Graduates of the specialization airport and aeronautic await numerous career opportunities. In addition to working in consulting and engineering offices, public administration positions (local, state, federal) and as infrastructure manages for airports in the areas of planning, maintenance, operation and development as well as other similar position, our graduates are qualified to pursue a scientific career as well. We offer our students a solid foundation and thus and introduction to the research and development of aircraft propulsion systems, traffic management and control tools as well as the essential facilities pertaining to the airport infrastructure and their environmental impact.