Mobility of People


The specialization mobility of people focuses on the movement of people and in this context their role as users of transportations systems. Students will not only aquire knowledge of infrastructure planning but also of psychology, communications, and social sciences. Courses in the subject areas of spartial, regional and urban planning are part of this specialization as well as traffic and street planning, and economics. Furthermore this specialization incorporates courses that also teach, at a high niveau, a deep understanding of scientific research in the area of human-technology-interaction and human-technology-commuications as well as theory models and methods of empirical examination.
Through this approach a high level of system understanding of actors, processes and actions is promoted. This knowledge accompanied by the strong background of safety in mobility, networking of transportation systems and the general idea of reducing emissions and resources protection our students have enables them to tackle the additional and new challenges that sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation of people will need to overcome.

The specialization mobility of people in the masters degree program transportation engineer and mobility qualifies graduates for sophisticated occupations. Possible places of work include consultation and engineering firms, industustrial and public administartion (federal, state, and local government) as well as transportation companies and associations, not to mention infrastructure management. A scientific career path is also a possibility.