Road and Motor Vehicles


The specialization road and motor vehicles focuses on road traffic routes, traffic control systems and transportation vehicles. Students deal with the vehicle technology of passenger and commercial vehicles and the design of road traffic facilities. A strong understanding of road systems (similar to that of railway systems) is required, due to the increasing use of sensors in vehicles and infrastructure as well as the closer couplings between vehicles and infrastructure because of intelligent systems. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this specialization the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering work closely together to impart these core concepts upon our students. While the Institute of Roads (ISAC) and the Institute of Urban Construction and Urban Transport (ISB), both part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, provide content for example on infrastructure operation and planning, the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provides the more technical content about vehicles.

Graduates of this specialization are qualified for the demanding work in consulting and engineering offices, industry, and public administration (federal, state, and local authorities) as well as in transportation companies, associations, and infrastructure management. The methodology that is taught as well as the scientific-oriented education provides the basis for an introduction to the research and development of vehicles, drives, traffic management, and control tools. Additionally, the completion of a master’s degree qualifies you to take a doctoral degree.