Construction Production Systems and Construction Process Management


The development of knowledge and skills to enable the holistic treatement of interdisciplinary challenges in planning and construction projects stands as the focal point of this specialization. There is a distinct focus on the process of construction. The exploration of various approaches, methods, instruments, and management tools and behavior regarding projects characterizes this specialization. Due to the increasing number of project constraints because of the dynamic nature of modern construction and the increase of pressure to deliver fast and efficient construction, there is a ever-growing need for experts in this field of civil engineering. Furthermore, to equip our students with well rounded knowledge that also includes a sensibility towards sustainability as well as other important factors such as the functionality of a building and their maitenance and building costs, we offer a wide range of courses that cover those topics and the topics surrounding them.

Focal Points Include:

  1. Strategical Leadership and Operational Management: Achieving higher-level corporate stategies and goals on an operative project level requires the ability to lead as well as the ability to manage
  2. Product and Production Overview: Takes a look at the construction product (What is being built? What is the goal?) As well as the construction process itself (How can we achieve this goal?)
  3. Building Technology, Energy, and Sustainability: Efficient building service system solutions ensure among other things building operations sustainability and energy-saving behavior. The technical building equipment becomes more and more important for the overall success in planning, building realization and operation.
  4. Problem-Solving Competence: Competence in construction projects requires specialized methodoligies and personality skills. Their effectiveness is supported by appropriate tools.
  5. Areas of Action and Process Orientation in Construction: Construction projects must be organized in such a way that both the optimization and the product and process quality and resources of time and money are achived in a synergetic manner. This requires the mastering of overlapping processes, such as risk management, quality management, and control.

Future job profiles of graduates in this area include construction project management on various levels. Typically starting in medium sized construction companies and groups that cater to private and public clients, our graduates are equiped with the necessary skills to climb from working on the project level, to working as executives at the management level in project management offices.