Admission to Doctoral Studies



Richard Hermann, B.Sc.

Doctoral Studies/Examination Boards


+49 241 80 25062



Every candidate intending to pursue doctoral studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering must submit a request in accordance with §11 of the Doctoral Studies Regulation to have their admissions prerequisites reviewed. This request is not the same as the actual application for admission to the doctoral exam in accordance with § 12 of the Doctoral Studies Regulation.

You must submit the request to the dean. Your request should contain the following attachments:

  • Proposed dissertation topic
  • Confirmation from a university professor stating their readiness to supervise the dissertation
  • Proof you have fulfilled the admissions requirements according to §§ 8 tos 10 of the Doctoral Studies Regulation
  • Illustration of your scientific or academic career including proof of completed additional studies or exams and an explanation of any incomplete doctoral studies
  • Statement accepting the Doctoral Studies Regulation