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Welcome to our News section.

Here you will find information on all current topics and events related to internationalization at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Browse for interesting offers for summer schools, GoAbroad events or opportunities to network internationally here in Aachen. We also publish current announcements for scholarship opportunities and international prizes such as the DAAD Prize or the Schüßler Prize as well as news about the faculty's partnership agreements with foreign universities. In short, we post here everything exciting that is currently happening at our faculty on the topic of international affairs. We hope you enjoy exploring!


Similar Topics

  • Junia_Call for teaching mobility 2023 24 (pdf: 344 kb)

    The French university JUNIA offers the possibility to teach courses at JUNIA or to invite a JUNIA professor for a one-week lecture. These mobilities are eligible for Erasmus+ funding, if applicable, and can be done in person and online, if applicable. Please find attached a document listing all the courses your faculty could teach at JUNIA and all the courses JUNIA lecturers could teach at your university.

  • Spain Center for International Education (SpaCIE) Summer School

    The Spain Center for International Education (SpaCIE) Summer Schools will be held this year at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid campus. Offered are:

    the "Climate Change Summer School" (17.07. - 28.07.2023):

    the "Skills Summer School" (03.07.-14.07.2023):

    Fees may apply.

  • study worldwide - EXPERIENCE IT!

    The campaign "study worldwide - EXPERIENCE IT!" now also offers a podcast in which students can benefit from the ambassadors' experiences abroad. They talk about the ups and downs during their stay, how the experiences have a lasting effect and what benefits a stay abroad has for their professional future. Find the first season on the website linked above.

  • RWTH UROP research projects for Bachelor students

    The RWTH UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) offers undergraduate students of RWTH the opportunity to become part of research teams at RWTH with their own research projects.

    RWTH UROP projects have a flexible duration between one and six months. The exact periods can be arranged with the supervisors at the institutes.

    Voluntary participation in UROP projects can be used for recognition as compulsory internships or the bachelor thesis can be written within the framework of a UROP project. Information about the project line and the UROP database can be found at the RWTH UROP website.

  • Ukraine War - Support possibilities and contact persons at the University

    Due to the current situation, the AStA of RWTH Aachen University would like to draw attention to important contact persons and support possibilities on the part of the university, which could be of particular interest to Ukrainian and Russian students. You can find all further information under the link to the current announcement.

  • NRC-MITACS-RWTH Globalink Research Award Program

    In cooperation with the National Research Council Canada and MITACS, a "Research Internship Program" has been in place since 2021, which enables RWTH students in the Master's program as well as doctoral students to carry out 6-12 month research internships at Canadian universities in cooperation with the National Research Council. The research internships are endowed with up to 18,000 CAD and there are 20-25 places available per year. The program is principally open to all technical and scientific disciplines, further information can be found on the website. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to generate new projects directly in cooperation with interested institutes of the RWTH.

  • Notes on Brexit - Erasmus+

    Here you can find the official website of the DAAD for current information on Brexit and its impact on Erasmus+ stays abroad. To stay up to date with the latest short- and long-term changes for studying or interning in the UK, this is the right place to be.

  • DCHAN Technics: Interview with RWTH-Alumnus Prof. Frank Kemper

    DCHAN - The German-Chinese Alumni Network. In the field of engineering, we would like to draw your attention to an interview by Prof. Frank Kemper on the topic of German-Chinese educational cooperation. Prof. Kemper is the director of the Sino-German Institute for Applied Engineering (CDAI) and also the managing director and board member of the Center for Wind and Earthquake Engineering (CWE) at RWTH Aachen University. In addition, you will find many other interesting interviews and news on various topics and disciplines.

  • Experience it - The magazine for stays abroad

    Here you can find the latest issue of the DAAD magazine with all kinds of interesting and up-to-date information about stays abroad. This time, the focus is on how international experiences can be combined with a sustainable, resource-conserving lifestyle. There are also practical tips from the DAAD correspondents on how to organize a stay abroad in a sustainable way. Enjoy reading!