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Country Finnland
City Espoo and Helsinki
Founded 2010 - Fusion of Three Universities
Number of Students 17.563 (As of 2016)
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Type of Partnership ERASMUS+ (SF ESPOO12)
Who can apply?

Bachelor's (If the bachelor's degree is expected to be completed at the time of your stay abroad), Master's

Although Bachelor students cannot go to Aalto University for a semester exchange, they have the possibility to apply for a three-month paid research internship. This application goes directly through Aalto University and not through the application platform of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of RWTH.

Students of a Bachelor's program: Please note that you should have a maximum of 20 ECTS open per upcoming semester at RWTH until the stay abroad, as a stay is only possible in the Master's program.

Type of Stay Study
Length of Stay 1 to 2 Semester
Time of Stay Winter Semester and/or Summer Semester
Number of Exchange Spots 4


Study Details

Semester Dates

1. Semester: Spetember to December

2. Semester: January to May

Academic Calendar

Cooperating Faculty /
School of Engineering

  • Structural and Building Technology
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
Study Possibilites

Schools and Departments

It may not be possible for exchange students to take all courses from all faculties. Further information can be obtained from our partner universities and from our experience reports.

Please note that in general the majority of the courses taken must be chosen by the cooperating faculty. At Aalto University, 2/3 of the courses from one of the chosen departments must be chosen at the cooperating School (School of Engineering).

Course Offerings

Course Catalogue

School of Engineering

Please inform yourself about the courses offered directly at the partner university. If you have any questions about the corresponding courses or the course offerings in general, please feel free to contact the partner university directly.



Language Requirements

English B2

Proof of Language Skills at teh RWTH Aachen university Langauge Center

Application Deadline at the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering 31. January for 1 to 2 Semesters as of the Winter Semester of the Same Year
Application Deadline at the Partner University

30. April for the Entire Following Academic Year

15. October for the Summer Semester of the Following Year

(The application to the partner university takes place only after successful application at RWTH Aachen University.)

Application Process at the Partner University

Information about the Application and Application Documents

(The application to the partner University takes place only after successful application at RWTH Aachen University)




Tuition Fees Fees Waived

Erasmus+ Scholarships

Schüßler Award

Pirlet Award

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Practical Information

Accommodations Information concerning Housing
Information to Health Insurance For the entire stay abroad is foreign travel health insurance and liability insurance necessary.
Experience Reports MoveOn
Further Information

Federal Foreign Office

German Academic Exchange Service