Istanbul Technical University


General Information

Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Founding 1773
Number of Students 25 000

Istanbul Technical University

International Office of the Istanbul Technical University

Fact Sheet



Type of Partnership ERASMUS+ (TR ISTANBU04)
Who can apply?

Bachelor students (as of the 3rd semester)
Master students

Type of Stay Studies
Length of Stay 1 to 2 Semesters
Time of Stay Winter and/or Summer Semester
Number of Exchange Placements 2 to 4


Study Details

Semester Dates 1. Semester: September to January
2. Semester: February to June
Cooperating Faculty/Department Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Study Possibilities

Faculties and Institutes
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Opportunities and General Information for Exchange Students

It is possible that not all of the faculty's courses are open to exchange students. The partner university and exchange reports may provide further information.

Please note that in general the majority of the courses taken must be chosen by the cooperating faculty.

Course Offerings

Course Catalog in English

Course codes ending with “E” mean the language of instruction is English. For example: MAT 103E, Select your courses according to your mobility semester at ITU. (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th: Fall Semesters, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th: Spring Semesters). You can select your courses from the lower and/or upper classes as long as it is within the same semester term. Students in the thesis period must select the course title, “Thesis Study” for the course registration and find the appropriate thesis advisor from the faculty website before their arrival.
Turkish language courses are given with the code “YTO” but they have no credits and no grade and are listed on a Fail/Pass based on the transcript. Students can select some courses from different departments/programs and/or cycles providing that they receive approval from each Erasmus+ departmental/program coordinator at ITU.

Please inform yourself about the courses offered directly at the partner university. If you have any questions about the corresponding courses or the course offerings in general, please feel free to contact the partner university directly.

Language Courses

Language Courses offered by ITU ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

Contact Information ESN



Language Requirements

English B2

Turkish B1

The language requirements depend on the language that the chosen courses are held in. Students who only choose courses taught in English do not need to prove Turkish language proficiency.

Language certificate from RWTH Aachen Language Center

Application deadline at the International Exchange Office at the Faculty of Civil Engineering 31. January for 1 to 2 Semester as of the Winter Semester of the Same Year
Application Deadline at Partner University

01. June for the Winter Semester of the Same Year

01. November for the Summer Semester of the Following Year

(Applying to the partner university takes place only after successful application at RWTH University.)

Application to Partner University

Information about the Applicaiton Process and Documents at the Partner

(Applying to the partner university takes place only after successful application at RWTH University.)




Tuition Fees Fees Waived
Costs Travel Costs, Cost of Living and Housing
Average Cost of Living in Turkey the average cost of living is normally less than that of in Germany, in Metropolitan areas, however, the cost of living is higher, about 500 euros a month


Practical Information


ITU dormitories have no special quotas for Erasmus students. Students must apply for it personally.

Health Insurance Health insurance for abroad and private liability insurance are required for the entire duration of the stay.
Visum A visa is required for a stay of more than 3 months
Experience Reports MoveOn
Further Information

Federal Foreign Office

General Country Information from the DAAD