Sustainable Management – Water and Energy (M.Sc.)


For recognition of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) in the compulsory elective courses of the Sustainable Management - Water and Energy M.Sc. program, please have the check the eligibility of recognition before submitting an application for recognition. You can register for one or more MOOCs. A total of up to 10 ECTS can be taken. Please note that MOOCs in the free version can only be recognized if semester-long, assessed examinations, such as tests and course work submissions, are offered. A final examination is not necessary in the case of semester-long assessed examination achievements. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the attendance of courses without evaluated performance cannot be recognized. A list of MOOCs that have already been approved and recognized, as well as instructions on how to register for MOOCs, will be emailed at the beginning of the program and upon request by the academic program manager. Please inform yourself on edX whether examination achievements for the selected MOOCs are available in the free version for the current semester.


About the Mobility Window

Please note that from the winter semester 2022/23, an application for the Mobility Window is only possible at the partner university Politecnico di Milano . Exceptions to this can only be granted in special cases (e.g. an already completed exchange semester at Politecnico di Milano during bachelor studies). In such a case, an application must be submitted preferably to one of the other IDEA League partner universities (TU Delft, Chalmers University of Technology, ETH Zurich). In this case it is mandatory that at the time of application a study plan equivalent to the study plan from PoliMi is existent and has been discussed with and approved by Professor Sewilam. The approved study plan must be submitted to the International Office at the Faculty of Civiel Engineering via email prior to application.

The latest version of the study plan from PoliMi can be obtained from us upon request. Applications submitted without an approved study plan will not be considered for the allocation of exchange places. Furthermore, an exchange placement at a partner university other than Politecnico di Milano can not be guaranteed, as these are granted according to the regular allocation procedure for exchange places at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (no priority for SuMWE students).