Civil Engineering (M.Sc.)


Change - Discontinued Master programm PO 2010

The new examination regulations (PO) version 2021 came into force for the Master's degree program in Civil Engineering last summer semester. The structure of the new PO version can be found in § 4 (2) on page 5 as well as in the study plans starting on page 12. How the achievements of PO 10 are transferred to PO 21 can be seen in the equivalence list (from page 20).

If you wish to change from PO 10 to PO 21, you must apply to the examination board. The PO change is not mandatory, but you can apply for it voluntarily. The change is only possible at the beginning of a semester. It will remain possible to study in PO 10 until the end of the summer semester of 2023. After that, the change to the new PO version is compulsory.

All applications and forms for this can be found on the general page for Student Applications and Forms.


Elective Courses in the Master's Program Civil Engineering

On May 17, 2017, the 2nd amendment of the examination regulations for the master's degree program civil engineering was published. As of the winter semester 2017/2018, there will be a standardization of the electives and the recognition of language courses about which we would like to inform you:

  1. Module "Elective Module"

    All "free", "inter-faculty", and "restricted electives" (with 8 CP each) are combined in each of the eight specialization areas by a single module entitled "Elective Module" (8 CP). In the "Elective Module", as before, uncompleted exams form the bachelor's degree program in civil engineering, from the other specialization areas of the master's degree program in civil engineering as well as other exams from the course catalog of RWTH Aachen University or another recognized national or international university, can be recognized, provided that a minimum degree of professional proximity to the civil engineering course can be established. The recognition of language courses will no longer b possible in the "Elective Module". Examination performances within the "Elective Module" must still be approved in advance by the examination board for civil engineering; please use the form "Elective Registration" which can be found on the faculty website.

    Furthermore, it is still possible to fill "free" and "inter-faculty" electives with up to 8 CP until the end of the course of study, provided that at least 1 CP has been recognized in the respective elective by the end of the summer semester 2017. However, as soon as a "free" or "inter-faculty" elective subject has been completed with at least 1 CP the end of 2017 summer semester and thus the right to complete this elective subject exists, the new "Elective Module" cannot be completed additionally.
  2. Module "Foreign Language - Scientific"

    As of the wither semester 2017/2018, the recognition of language courses will no longer be possible in the modules "Free Elective Subject", "Interfaculty Elective Subject" and "Technical English", but only in the new module "Foreign Language -- Academic", which is anchored in each of the eight specialization areas in the 3. group with 3 CP. In the future, any language course can, therefore, be recognized provided they equate to at least the language level "B. A language course with a scope of at least 2 SWS is generally recognized with 3 CP. However, if the module "Technical English" has already been completed the new module "Foreign Language -- Scientific" cannot be completed additionally.

    All CPs in the previous "Elective Subjects" and in "Technical English" that have already been recognized by the examination board by the end of the summer semester 2017 will remain in place.

    If you have any questions, please contact the academic program management for civil engineering: .