Course-related Academic Program Management


There are teaching coordinators for all of the faculty's degree programs who answer subject-related questions about the overarching content of each degree program.



Degree Progam Telephone Zoom Presence e-mail
Civil Engineering on appointment currently not taking place
Environmental Engineering on appointment
Transport Engineering and Mobility currently not taking place


Thursday, 2:30 to 3:30 pm

Meeting-ID: 935 1444 6043
Password: 607247

Business Administration and Engineering (M.Sc.): Civil Engineering

on appointment

Monday, 2 to 3 pm

Meeting-ID: 964 2501 4466
Password: 123456

Sustainable Management - Water and Energy

Wednesday, 10 to 12 am

Thursday, 10 to 12 am

  +49 241 80 27787

Meeting ID: 984 5808 9607
Password: E1q8Ly

Business Administration and Engineering (B.Sc.), Civil Engineering School of Business and Economics
Master's Focus

Environmental Process Engineering

on appointment
Vocational School Teacher   (B.Ed/M.Ed.) on appointment



The teaching units of the Faculty of Civil Engineering offer separate study counselling on the subjects offered. Please inform yourself on the pages of the teaching units where you can get professional support.