Mentoring Seminars


Within the framework of the mentoring program of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, seminars are offered at regular intervals for students who impart general study skills and soft skills.


Voice from the seminar

"I went out of the seminar and said to myself, 'Hey, that was supposed to be five hours? Didn't seem that long to me! It's probably because of the small group of 10 people, the relaxed, funny atmosphere and the lecturer."


My studies - My project

An effective goal and time management is essential for a successful study: For the high learning workload as well as other activities (e.g. leisure, social and part-time work) only limited time is available. In order to avoid unnecessary stress situations - e.g. in the exam phase - it is advisable to use the limited time as consciously and productively as possible.

Background knowledge and many tried and tested procedures can help you to keep the strands in your hand, to plan your studies efficiently and to use your own resources in a motivating way. Within the mentoring seminar "My studies - My project", theoretical basics and up-to-date methods and tools from learning and self-management are taught and the possibility is offered to apply them to one's own study and learning planning.

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Voice from the seminar

"I am now well prepared to start the Bachelor's thesis project. The seminar gave me a good insight into how to structure the work properly, how to formulate as well as quote."


Fit for the Bachelor's Thesis

Writing a Bachelor's thesis is an unusual form of examination performance in studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In order to master this challenge successfully, the faculty's mentoring program offers the seminar "Fit for the Bachelor's thesis".

Students who have already registered their thesis or are planning to do so soon will be familiarized with the most important rules of scientific work.

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Voice from the seminar

"You're thrown in deep end, but after the two days you can face the next presentation strengthened."


Presentation Techniques

Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering have to give lectures and presentations at different times during their studies. Communication skills are also a key competence for later professional life as an engineer.

In the mentoring seminar "Presentation Techniques" different methods for the preparation and execution of presentations are taught and intensively trained.

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