Seminar: Fit for the Bachelor Thesis



  1. Date: to be announced

Seminar content and learning objectives

The seminar offers a first and practice-oriented introduction to scientific work with regard to the preparation of a bachelor thesis for students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Among other things, you will learn:

  • content and formal design of a scientific paper
  • create an outline
  • to use literal and meaningful quotations in a meaningful way
  • formulate scientifically
  • Preventing writer's blocks
  • the development of scientific questions or hypotheses as well as the corresponding research and literature work.

In the context of individual and small group exercises the discussed topics are consolidated and applied.

eligibility requirements

  • Student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Participation in both seminar dates
  • Active cooperation
  • Willingness to exchange ideas with fellow students
  • Completion of the evaluation after the end of the seminar
  • Seminar language: German

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