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Individual solutions for construction-related issues: Since 2005, Schiffers Bauconsult has been providing its clients with a team of experts to advise them on special challenges in the project business.

In the context of conventional project management, Schiffers Bauconsult assesses disrupted construction processes and complex supplements of any kind or strengthens the project through proactive construction contract and supplement management.

With increasingly collaborative and integrated project delivery, they implement a holistic Lean Construction System for their clients. They support the creation of a collaborative project culture, the stabilization of planning and construction processes, and goal-oriented project implementation.

In doing so, they always align their technical and scientific expertise with concrete practical needs. Under the credo "Making construction projects better", they establish their own quality standard and always strive for the best results - committed, reliable, objective.

The entire Schiffers team relies on a joint and continuous further development as well as on the appreciation and integrity of all engineers in order to be able to continue delivering the best practical results and authoritative scientific contributions in the future.