TUDALIT architecture award 2013 for Christiane Bongardt and Michael Kolodzie

  Oridome - The principle of diversity © Christiane Bongardt, Michael Kolodzie

Civil engineering student Christiane Bongardt and her fellow student Michael Kolodzie received the prize for their contribution "Oridome - The principle of diversity". In their institute internship at the Chair and Institute for Solid Construction (IMB), the two dealt with the origami folding art and its application in solid construction. Within a design and manufacturing methodology developed in the IMB research project "Thin-walled folded structures made of cement-based composites" as part of the priority program "Lightweight construction with concrete", they designed a folded structure dome and created a concept for its structural implementation. The dome is joined from individual segments folded from flat textile-reinforced concrete slabs. To illustrate this principle, the students created a prototype segment that was both visually and functionally convincing. The award ceremony took place during the 5th User Conference Textile Concrete on 24.9.2013 in Friedrichshafen.