The employees in the Dean's Office support the deans with their duties.

Position Name
Managing Director Stephanie Vanderheijden, M.A.

Assistant to the Managing Director

Denise Boussonville


Wolfgang Beckers

Internationalization Nathaly Bejarano Serrano, M.Sc.
Mentoring Anna Knoth, M.A.
Mentoring / Public Relations

Nancy Olm, M.A.

Public Relations / Appointment Committees Dipl.-Des. (FH) Ute Leonhardt

Examination Boards / Internship Office

Ljubica Rhein, M.A.

Examination Boards / Internship Office / Doctoral Studies Richard Hermann, B.Sc.
Examination Boards / Internship Office Richard Schulte Holthausen, B.Sc.
Administration academic affairs Therese Steinbeck
Academic Advising / Consultant of the Vice Dean in Charge of Studies Dr. Daniel Keunecke