The employees in the Dean's Office support the deans with their duties.

Position Name
Managing Director Stephanie Vanderheijden, M.A.

Assistant to the Managing Director

Denise Boussonville

RWTHonline / Exam and class scheduling

Wolfgang Beckers

RWTHonline / Module organization Elena von den Driesch M.A.
Internationalization Dr. Jutta Hausmann
Internationalization Nathaly Bejarano Serrano, M.Sc. (in parental leave)
Mentoring Anna Knoth, M.A.
Mentoring / Public Relations

Nancy Olm, M.A.

Public Relations / Appointment Committees Dipl.-Des. (FH) Ute Leonhardt

Examination Boards / Internship Office

Ljubica Rhein, M.A.

Examination Boards / Internship Office / Doctoral Studies Richard Hermann, B.Sc.
Examination Boards / Internship Office Richard Schulte Holthausen, B.Sc.
Administration academic affairs Therese Steinbeck
Academic Advising / Consultant of the Vice Dean in Charge of Studies Dr. Daniel Keunecke