Bachelor students wanted as interviewees!


The research project "EEQuS" is financed by the quality-improvement funds for teaching at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The project’s goal is to explore specific reasons and interdependencies for the existing high dropout rates and high rates of failure in exams at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The research employs quantitative and qualitative methodology from the social sciences.


Following last year's online survey, the project will enter its second phase. In small focus group interviews, Bachelor students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering are encouraged to share their experiences. The aim is to identify problem areas and obstacles to a successful course of study and to discuss possible solutions.

To develop successful and target-group specific tools, the project needs your support as interviewee!

The interviews will be held in German.

Please register using the following link:

Registration (scheduling)

Your participation is an important contribution to pinpoint obstacles or problems during the course of your studies and it helps to promote improvements in Bachelor's programs at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Further information about the project "EEQuS – Analysis of time delay factors during studies and development of an instrument for quality management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering” can be found here: