Pupil`s University in Civil and Environmental Engineering 2021


For the first time in digital format: from August 9 to August 13, 2021

  Copyright: © Natia Tsikelashvili

Fourteen students from Germany, Turkey and Belgium participated in the online format of this year's “Schüleruni”. Together with a total of twelve institutes and chairs of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen as well as representatives of the Central University Administration, they were able to gain insights into the university life of a future civil engineer. During the 5-day project week, the students from grade 10 heard and saw, among other things, which building materials are currently mainly used in the construction sector (ibac), which records in the construction industry have been set or broken so far (IMB) and what the art of thermography is and how it is connected to a building’s indoor climate (E3D).

Despite the digital format, active participation was the motto of the week: one day the attendees had the unique opportunity to help design an airport online and simulate airport operations (VIA), while on the next being able to observe the simulation of the “Green Wave” (ISB). Whether building or traffic – a focus was always put on environmental sustainability. On this subject the IWW also presented a scientific analysis for possible causes and effects of the recent flood events due to heavy rainfalls in NRW as well as reasons why power production from water energy is essential to the future’s energy mix. Those who had already made the decision for one of the study programs offered at the faculty could obtain information about the details of the application process (Student Advisory Service) as well as possible stays abroad during their studies (International Exchange Office). We look back on a fruitful digital “Schüleruni” and wish all participants a successful graduation; we look forward to seeing you again!

Additional information about the “Schüleruni” - also from other science and engineering departments at RWTH Aachen - can be found on the central website of the “Schüleruni” (german only)