Teaching Award 2020 to Prof. Sven Klinkel


RWTH Aachen awards Teaching Prize 2020 - Sven Klinkel and "Do It Yourself CAD/CAM Tutorial" are honored


Since 2001, RWTH Aachen University has awarded a teaching prize in recognition of innovation achievements in the categories "Teacher of the Year" and "Project of the Year". The winners in 2020 are Professor Sven Klinkel, holder of the Chair of Structural Analysis and Structural Dynamics, and the project "Do It Yourself CAD/CAM Tutorial" from the Clinic for Dental Prosthetics, Implantology, and Biomaterials and the Audiovisual Media Center of RWTH Aachen University Hospital. The award winners were nominated by the students.

Klinkel inspires students with his teaching content and his efficient and transparent teaching and learning methods prepare them for the challenges of the future. Together with didactics experts, civil engineering developed a digital learning environment and provides an extensive collection of tasks in the form of "StatiGo". Here, students can deepen their knowledge of the course content independently, but with support at all times. Klinkel is also convincing in his role as Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Digital dental treatment methods and digital teaching methods characterize the "Do It Yourself CAD/CAM Tutorial", developed by Professor Sven Reich, Uli Heuter, Martin Lemos, and Christina Kühne for students in the fourth semester of dentistry. With the help of Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, they produce an artificial dental crown on a simulation patient, the so-called phantom head. At the same time, the ability for lifelong learning is practiced through guidance for self-study by means of online tutorials and for independent and self-critical review of practical results through 3D visualization.

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