Exchange and International Partnerships

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There are many good reasons for going abroad. Studies, an internship, or a research stay in another country provides not only continued education but also life experience, begins new friendships, and opens up new prospects for the future. In order to support you on your way abraod, the Faculty of Civil Engineering offers you information and advising about planning your stay, mobility programs, and scholarships. Additionally, these pages contain information about contact offices and possibilities for intercultural continued education.

We offer all incomings information to make the start of their life in Aachen and orientation to their new academic home easier.

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Planning Your Studies Abroad

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Where to go? When? We give you information about all important steps and contact offices for going abroad.

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Partner Universities

The International Exchange Office at the Faculty of Civil Engineering provides you with information about your study abroad options. 

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Welcome! All international students, researchers, and instructors, who have decided to complete a stay at the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Civil Engineering, receive information here about life in Aachen and their new academic home.

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