Transportation Planning and Infrastructure


The specialization transportation planning and infrastructure aims to enable students to achieve a high level of system understanding including that of actors, processes and actions in the cross sectional area of infrastructure planning and building. The focus of this specialization lies within the in-depth knowledge of planning, conception, business, maintenance and organization in a variety of areas including streets, tunnel, tracks, waterways and air transportation. Course subjects that accompany this specialization include those in the field of area, regional, and urban planning as well as in the field of construction and maitenance of roads, tracks and airports. Transportation management and transportation economics are other important modules that round off this curriculum. Additionaly the accompanying transportation methods will be discussed thoroughly throughout the program, especially in the field of street and track vehicles. The courses are scientific, but also praxis oriented.

Graduates of our mobility and transport degree program with a specialization in transportation and planning await numerous career opportunities. Alongside the possibility of a scientific career, our graduates have the possibility of working for consulting and engineering firms, public administration (federal, state and local government), and companies that manages infrastructure for trains and airports in various areas including planning, maintenance and expansion of the infrastructure. Furthermore, there is a wide range of applications for our graduates in the automobile industry as well as transportation companies and associations. The methodical and scientific education that our students recieve enables the entrance in research and development of vehicles, drives, control, and traffic management tools as well as the required facilities and their environmental impacts. Our graduates are also equiped with the know-how that an engineer needs to create resource-saving developments and enable the conservation and restoration of infrastructure across the globe.