Water Management


The specialization water management aims to provide students with a broad fundamental education as well as in-depth knowledge in their specialization. The program is based on the principles of environmental compatibility and sustainable water management. Graduates of this program are civil engineers with skills in water management, which enables them to work in various fields including:

The design, layout and planning of structures and installations for water supply, sanitation, waste management and of water management structures and facilities.

  1. The coordination and supervision of the construction of these structures and installations.
  2. The operation and maintenance of these structures and installations.
  3. Civil engineers who specialized in water management can work in very different capacities.

For example, positions as project leaders, planners, independent appraisers, and experts or even as representatives of clients or as a supervisory authority are conceivable. Furthermore, graduates can work in specialist authorities, such as environmental offices, regional offices or ministries. The responsibility for the operation of water management systems is an integral part of the job description. Nonetheless, our graduates are qualified to work in research both within universities and externally.

A high degree of independence and responsibility is requires for the successful pursuit of all of these professional orientations. Additionally, the comprehensive ability for interdisciplinary communication and cooperation is required.