Tunnel Engineering and Geotechnics


Geotechnical engineering is a very board field with that includes aspects of other areas of civil engineering and often overlaps with adjacent disciplines. Every building has a connection to the underground via its foundation, with many buildings being at least partially embedded in the surrounding soil or rock. The field of transportation infrastructures also relies heavily on geotechnical engineering, as it is very common that traffic routes are laid into the subsoil. This naturally results in numerous important geotechnical questions.

Students of the specialization tunnel engineering and geotechnics will learn the fundamental scientific knowledge necessary for the safe design and dimensioning as well as the related engineering methods for solution. These include underground exploration techniques, the material laws needed to describe the properties for the area and the analytical and numerical calculation methods. Furthermore, the diverse construction methods used for special applications in geotechnical engineering such as in tunneling, in dam construction, in rock mechanics, and rock construction are presented as well as the leading evidence of viability and serviceability of these constructs.

This specialization focuses on the education and training of master's students in order to prepare them for tackeling challenging tasks while in a position of responsibility in engineering, construction or government, as a planner, performer or supervisor of geotechnical or underground construction. Well-founded knowledge in the neighboring disciplines such as structural engineering, hydraulic engineering or in the area of roads and transportation are just as indispensable as appropriate skills in the field of project management, building law or building material science. These subjects are therefore integrated in the curriculum in addition to the geotechnical subjects. The rigorous curriculum that we offer enables our graduates to successfully work in a wide range of fields, even outside the classic idea of this geotechnical specialization.