Constructive Engineering


In the master’s program, civil engineering the specialization constructive engineering aims to considerably extend the technical knowledge and basic understanding of structural behavior, design, dimensioning and selection of the right building materials depending on technical and economic aspects.

The goal of the degree program is for students to gain an aptitude for analytical solutions and the independent application of scientific knowledge and methods in the field of structural engineering.

Students will learn to work on and solve challenging questions in the planning, execution and maintenance of engineering structures. There is intensive preparation for activities in the area of design, calculation, construction as well as research and development.

This goal is achieved through in-depth professional training. The program mainly focuses on the core subjects of structural engineering such as structural design, solid construction and steel construction. A variety of specialized subjects from structural engineering including building materials science, structural mechanics, and structural dynamics allow our students to considerably extend their knowledge. Courses in adjoining disciplines such as geotechnics and construction round off the offered curriculum.

After successful completion of their studies, graduates are not only qualified to pursue a career in academia, for example in the form of a doctorate, but also for self-employed activity in a construction company or an engineering and planning office. Our graduates are equipped to take on technically complex tasks in the construction expansion and maintenance of structures of high-rises, bridges and other general and specialized civil engineering projects. Furthermore, the training and practice in regards to technical processing of engineering structures also enables graduates to fulfill management positions, for example in site management and project management for demanding and complex construction tasks.