Applications in the succession process activated

From February 26 to March 15, 2020 the application portal for the succession procedure for semesters abroad in the academic year 2020/21 will be open.


Faculty of Civil Engineering Application Portal

The following information pertains to the applications for studying abroad at partner universities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and to applicants of the T.I.M.E. Double Degree program with CTU Prague.

The application deadline is January 31 every year. This deadline applies to all applications concerning stays abroad for the following winter and summer semesters. Students can apply to up to three partner universities with preferences.


Applications for Studying Abroad at a Partner University of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Submit all of the application documents using the online application portal. Please read and follow the instructions provided by the general information concerning studying abroad and recognition of external academic achievements, that can be found below, while writing your application.

After the application deadline, students will be exchange program slots according to the ranking. Additionally the successful applicant will be nominated by the respective partner university.

After the first application round, we will inform you on the website about avaliable rest spots. The application for rest spots are avaliable for all students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, regardless if the application in the first round of applicaitons was successful or not.


Application Requirements

  1. You are student in a course of study, offered by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University.
  2. You are in at least your third semester at the time of application.
  3. You have completed at least 50 percent of the average amount of credit points per semester.


To be filled out in the online platform

  • Registration with personal information
  • Applicant information and information concerning your general motivation for a stay abroad
  • Three motivational essays in German (one for each destination) for the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Course Plan (ca. 30 ECTS CP for each destination)

To be uploaded in the Online Platform

  • Curriculum vitae in German or English
  • Proof of your academic achievements
    • From students in a bachelor's degree program
      • Transcript of records from the ZPA or from RWTHOnline, including all examination results with decimal points
    • From students in a master's degree program
      • A copy of your bachelor's transcript of records
      • When you have already completed examinations from your master's program, please upload your transcript of records from the ZPA or from RWTHOnline with all of your current examination results including decimal points
  • Proof of extracurricular activities/voluntary programs (for example Buddy-Program, church involvement)
  • Proof of Language Qualifications (your choice of the follwoing)
    • Aachen foreign language certificate
    • Placement test from the Language Cernter of the RWTH Aachen University
    • Language Certificate for stays abroad from the Language Center of the RWTH Aachen University
    • Language Diploma - TOEFL, DELE, CAMBRIDGE, ...
    • High School Diploma as proof of English proficiency
      • Level A2 on your high school diploma if you have completed at least four years of school English successfully
      • Level B1 on your high school diploma if you have completed at least five or 6 years of school English successfully
      • Level B2 on your high school diploma if you ahve completed at least seven years of school English successfully
    • High School Diploma as proof of proficiency for other foreign languages (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
    • Note: the copy of your high school diploma does not need to be certified
    • Further language certificates can only be accepted if you have permission from the International Exchange Office



Delegation of Exchange Program Slots

The Ranking is Based on the Following Criteria

  • Professional motivation
  • Personal motivation
  • Professional experience and extracurricular engagement (professionally relevant internships, work experience as a student assistant, participation in the BeBuddy-Program, voluntary work)
  • Knowledge of the foreign universities language
  • GPA
  • Study progress (completed credits vs planned credits)

During the applicaiton process students have the possibility to set priorities for up to three universities that they applied for. Priorities will not negatively effect your application.


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