Mobility and Transport / Transport Engineering and Mobility (M.Sc.)


New examination regulations for Winter Term 2019/20

In winter semester 2019/20 a new version of the examination regulations ( PO 19) will cme into effect for the master's program.

The current vaild PO verion (PO 17), will remain vaild until th end of the summer semester 2012. Accordingly, there will be a 4-semester transtional preiod (beginning of winter semester 2019/20 to the end of the summer semester 2021) during which the examination regulations 2017 and 2019 will be valid in parallel. Those who have not completed their M.Sc. studies in PO 17 by the end of the summer semester 2021 will be forced to switch to the new PO. During the transitional period a voluntary change from PO 17 to PO 19 will also be possible upon application to the examination board. If you have any questions regarding the new examination regulations or the voluntary change, the academic program coordinators can provide information.