join.FB3 / 150 + 1 Years of RWTH

July, 01 to 02, 2021


The Faculty Festival

pennant_join.FB3 Copyright: deanery

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and the RWTH Aachen University will celebrate their 151th anniversary in 2020. We take this event as an occasion for the 2-day faculty festival join.FB3 on July 01 to 02, 2021.

A special highlight of join.FB3 will be the company contact fair on July 01, which will focus on networking between companies and our students, graduates and employees. We will also be honouring the best students of the faculty and inviting everybody to a meet and greet around the faculty building.

On July 02, the second day of the event, the institutes of the faculty will open their doors and show both their current research projects and their technical equipment. There will be different routes for which visitors can register.

Following our celebrations, the Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering will host the open-air party "Schau am Bau" on July 02, 2021 starting at 6 pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you!