Equal Opportunities Programs



The Tandem-Mentoring-Programs of RWTH Aachen University are dedicated to supporting young female scientists and engineers. The following target groups are addressed:

  • committed female students from the 3rd semester onwards and female doctoral candidates who want to design and develop their career in a targeted manner
  • young female scientists in the final phase of their doctoral studies and postdoctoral students in the natural and engineering sciences who are aiming for a leading position in science or business.
  • advanced women scientists who are specifically aiming for a professorship in the next few years.


Femtech Careerbuilding-Program

The one and a half year Femtec CareerBuilding Program for female students of engineering and natural sciences offers special training for the development of communication, leadership and management skills as well as continuous individual career counseling and support for internships and career entry. Students should be in the Master's program or about to finish their Bachelor's degree and aim for a Master's degree.


Project „CHEFIN“

In the career planning tool developed by RWTH Aachen University and TU Dortmund University for female graduates and young professionals from the MINT sector, you simply enter your previous career stages and receive suitable tips on the next steps in your career.

The project "Chancengerechte Entwicklung von Frauenkarrieren im MINT-Bereich (CHEFIN)" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the funding codes 01FP1702 and 01FP1703.