The Pre-Internship at a Glance


In order to be eligible for enrollment in the Bachelor's degree programs of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the following admission requirements must be met.

Degree Program


B.Sc. Civil Engineering yes 4
B.Sc. Environmental Engineering yes 4
B.Sc. Movility and Transport / Tranport Engineering and Mobility


B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering Specialization yes 4

Detailed information about the pre-internship can be found in the examination regulations of the degree program (the examination regulations can be found under the Official Announcements section of the RWTH Aachen University website).


A certificate of internship must be submitted as part of the enrollment process

If you have not yet started or completed your pre-internship, you are then required to submit an employment contract signed by both parties at the time of enrollment or a provisional certificate from the apprenticing company about the internship that indicates the internship period.

Excpetion: Enrollement without a Pre-Internship

If the completeiton of a pre-internship is not possible until the enrollement due to a military or civil service, or a social or ecological year, or for other reason, a written request for postponement of the pre-intersnhip must be submitted to the appropriate examination board. This request must be signed by hand. the approval of the examination board must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

In this case, the internship must be completed and recognized at least six months before registration for your bachelor's thesis!

Recognition of vocational training as a pre-internship

Application with professional experience in a field relevant to the desired study program can submit a written application to the responsible examination board for recognition of their professional activity as a pre-internship.

You are required to submit the letter of approval during enrollement at the student secretariat of RWTH Aachen University.

In order to recognize the internship, the internship certificate must be submitted to the Faculty of Civil Engineerings's Internship Office after enrollment in the degree program. The recognition letter is later required when registering for your bachelor's thesis.