Mentoring Programs

  • The TANDEM Mentoring Programs attend to the support of the female junior scientific staff. The following target groups are adressed:
    • TANDEM: motivated female students after the first two semesters (TANDEMstud) and doctoral candidates (TANDEMdok), who want to specifically shape and develop their career
    • TANDEMplus: female junior researchers in the final stages of their doctorate and postdoctorate study in the sciences and engineering, who aspire a leadership position in science or economics
    • TANDEMpro: advanced female researchers, who specifically aspire a professorship in the next few years
  • The 1.5 year long Femtec CareerBuilding program for female students in engineering and the natural sciences offers special training for developing communication, leadership and management skills. It also continuously offers individual consulting and mentoring for internships and entering the job market. The students should be in a Master's program or almost done with their Bachelor's and plan on completing a Master's.
  • For everybody: The Mentoring Program of the Faculty of Civil Engineering provides
  1. opportunities to discuss confidentially personal topics which influence a person's studies and
  2. support for achieving professional goals.