International Experiences without a Stay Abroad


Those looking for contact with international students before or after their stay abroad, or who want to learn more about being intercultural, expand their foreign language skills, or gather experience in international projects, will find all of this in a number of institutions, organizations, and initiatives in Aachen.

The international offerings at RWTH can also be interesting for students, researchers, and instructors, who are currently not planning a stay abroad.


International Experiences

Engineers without Borders

Engineers without Borders is recognized non-profit organization that is active in the field of technical developmental collaboration. The Aachen Regional Group has 80 active members and its one of more than 25 regional groups in Germany. The organizations thrives on its volunteer members, who are not all from engineering or technical fields.

All interested students and professional have the possiblity to work on a project and in fields such as event management, public relations, or fundraising.

Students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering may particularly benefit from active involvement in Engineers without Borders, especially when considering future employment fields and professional prospects abroad.

Aachen Regional Group
Humboldt-Haus, Raum 107
Pontstraße 41,
52062 Aachen

Regular Meetings
Thursday, 6 to 7pm

Certificate Integration and BeBuddy Program

Are you interested in establishing international contacts and getting a glance at other cultures? Do you want to meet new exchange students in your faculty and help them with their academic start in Germany? Then get involved with the International Office's BeBuddy program! As a buddy you will mentor an international student during his or her stay in Aachen. You provide advice and help when they have questions about every day university life and managing studies. On the side you'll be gaining intercultural skills. Buddies are volunteers and are students who are in at least their second semester, know their way around the faculty, and are curious about other cultures.

BeBuddy is part of the Certificate Integration, developed by the International Office, in order to attest to students' volunteer involvement in the integration of fellow students and their intercultural skills. The certificate includes an intercultural training, participation in the BeBuddy program, and an evaluation. You must also complete at least four mandatory components from what RWTH institutions and Aachen university organizations offer.


The INtercultural Center of Aachen Students INCAS is a student organization, that mentors all international students and improves contact among students from all nations. INCAS organizes excursions and museum visits, hold country evenings, and facilitates language tandems. INCAS holds the Café Lingua every month, which offers the opportunity to have multilingual conversations.

Pontstraße 41
52062 Aachen


The European Student Forum AEGEE is a recognized non-government organization, that includes a nework of students in more than 240 students across Europe and is active in promoting the European idea. In Aachen, the approximately 50 AEGEE members are active in a number of European projects and have the opportunity to get to know European countries, language and cultures. AEGEE activities include, for example, summer universities, workshops with international students, and the ERASMUS tutor program.

Rochusstr. 2-14
52062 Aachen

Regular meetings: Mondays, starting at 9pm in Café & Bar zuhause, Sandkaulstraße 109